Monday, May 17, 2010

Soldier.. Soljar... Soja... :)

These are two from 3 skirt that i managed to sew last week :) actually sewing skirt is a little bit easier than making dresses n pyjamas... :D

so... proudly brought to you.......
these adorable solja skirts :)

its height is about 30 cm (depends either u want it to be a long skirt or mini skirt)

with zig zag stiching on it :)

comes with its own belt made from plain cloth (adjustable)

I sew it along with lining... it will make it look strong n comfortable

Solja Skirt 1 (SSG201d)
Japanese Cotton + Plain Cloth
height (30cm) , waist 18"
Retail price RM 29.90
JJfc RM 28 only

solja skirt with white lace

I sew it with lining to make it strong n nice look

Solja Skirt 2 (SSG202d)
Japanese Cotton + white lace
height (30cm) , waist 18"
Retail price RM 28
JJfc RM 26 only

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