Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming Soon :)

Assalamualaikum n hai to all :)

what's inside the box eh?... :)





this is my next project since some of my friends n followers are asking me aren't there any clothes for baby boy?... so... i will fulfill your wishes friends.. by introducing my new product soon... (hehehe...girl also can use this product... dont worry!! )

here are some sneak peak of the raw one.... :D

JJ admin a.k.a mamaeja

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... :)

21 May 1983.... Hospital Besar Melaka.. Maka lahirlah seorang puteri bongsu kepada pasangan Mohamed Hassan & Zaiton Mohamad.... uweeek.. uweekk... alhamdulillah :)

21 May 2010... sempena hari lahir mamaeja yg ke-... (kira sendiri la ye)..hehehe

semuanya datang dari
hoBBy - menjahit sejak kecil lagi...
PaSSion - keterujaan utk mencari rezeki tambahan buat keluarga..
InSpiRation - assyura.. model kecil yg slalu mama pakaikan bj cantik2 buatan tgn mama..
SatiSfactiOn - Puas.. atas hasil usaha sendiri..

Alhamdulillah.. berkat kesabaran mama.. dan semangat serta dorongan dari suami terchenta.. En. Ariff... Mak, Ayah, MIL, FIL, Families n Friends....

Mamaeja dengan rasa berbesar hatinya... ingin melancarkan pembukaan JarumJahitCollection secara rasminya..............

Variety Choices of Handmade Cotton Clothes

Moga cita2 mama utk menjadi WAHM suatu hari nanti akan terlaksana... insyaAllah :)

mamaeja a.k.a JJ admin

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cutie SunDress (SDR401b)

fresh from the oven.. hehehe :)

sundress... really cute... I love it.. hope u'll love it too! :D

Suitable for party.. really cute n sexy :D

can be adjust according to baby's height

I sew it with some red cute buttons :)

Cutie Sundress (SDR401b)
Japanese Cotton + Plain red cloth
Height 40cm , chest 13cm left-right
Retail Price RM32
JJfc RM30

Monday, May 17, 2010

Soldier.. Soljar... Soja... :)

These are two from 3 skirt that i managed to sew last week :) actually sewing skirt is a little bit easier than making dresses n pyjamas... :D

so... proudly brought to you.......
these adorable solja skirts :)

its height is about 30 cm (depends either u want it to be a long skirt or mini skirt)

with zig zag stiching on it :)

comes with its own belt made from plain cloth (adjustable)

I sew it along with lining... it will make it look strong n comfortable

Solja Skirt 1 (SSG201d)
Japanese Cotton + Plain Cloth
height (30cm) , waist 18"
Retail price RM 29.90
JJfc RM 28 only

solja skirt with white lace

I sew it with lining to make it strong n nice look

Solja Skirt 2 (SSG202d)
Japanese Cotton + white lace
height (30cm) , waist 18"
Retail price RM 28
JJfc RM 26 only

JJ admin

Red Darling Dress DR302c

"Merah itu Menawan" , "Simple yet Adorable"...

suitable for 'jalan2' :D
red lace makes the dress standout

sleeveless - comfort.. x panas :)

comes with cute red flower

Red Darling Dress DR302b
Cotton Fabric + Red Lace
Retail Price RM26
JJfc RM 24

JJ admin

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Table Runner for SALE!!

Other than sewing clothes for kids.. I'm enjoying myself selling these nice table runner.. a must for a great home!

here are some of them n need to be clear! very nice with affordable prices!

Cozy Flowery Table Runner (TR1)
33cm x 200cm (suit for dining table)
material : Lace
Retail Price RM20
JJfc RM19 only

Cozy Blue Flower Table Runner (TR2)

33cm x 91 cm (suits for side/coffee table)
material : Lace
Retail Price RM10
JJfc RM9.50 only

just choose n let me know which one suits your taste! :)

note : there's more to come! :D

JJ admin

Monday, May 3, 2010

Green Gorgeous Pyjama

additional piping (kun) with zigzag stitching on it

big pants.. for big diaper space

Special zigzag stitching

Comes with cute green flower :)
note: not only can be use as pyjama but also can go for 'jalan-jalan' :)

Green Gorgeous Pyjama (PG101c)
Fully Japanese Cotton
Retail Price RM33
JJfc RM30 only

Bubbly Blue Dress

pic before..

can be knot according to baby's height

comes with special cute blue flower

Bubbly Blue Dress (DB301a)
Japanese Cotton + Blue Plain Clothes
Retail Price RM30
JJfc RM28 only

Sewing work in progress!! :)

~~ Here are some sneak preview!..

JJC notes :

Meet us every 1st weekend of the month at Amcorp Mall flea market!